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"G'zox Exclusive Technology"

<G'zox 5 Different Thickness of Water Based Polish>

Most car care brands in the market use rough, oil-based polish, which contain a higher proportion of olein or resin. While it may provide greater coverage, making it seem like scratches have vanished, the scratches will reappear after several washes or wipes with a degreaser. This is because the oil-based polish covering the scratches would have been removed in the cleaning process. Oil-based polish may sound efficient for the short term, but in the long run, car owners would only be wasting their money and causing more damage to their cars’ paintwork.


<G'zox 6 Different Thickness of Polishing Sponges>

G'zox water-based polishing technology is equipped with 5 types of water-based polish (a minimum of only 0.3um), 6 types of polishing sponges and 3 different operating modes of polishing machines. During the polishing process, the technician thoroughly checks the extent and effect of the polish as there is no covering component in the formula of the polish. Different types of polishing equipment will be used accordingly to the depth and size of scratches on the cars. To avoid further damage to the paint, minimum cutting will be applied so that the paint can be restored to its smooth gloss-like surface. The old scratches also will not reappear after the polishing process as our polish does not contain any olein or resin components.


<Technician can clearly check on the extent and effect of polishing>

With G'zox exclusive PROTECH technology, technicians can clearly view the degree and effect of polishing, thus, achieving the best results with minimum amount of cutting.

<G'ZOX Glass Coating Features>

G'zox glass-based coatings have a thick, hard coating layer that provides excellent weather resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, as well as chemical resistance. Furthermore, it effectively provides a full range of protection for car paint, preventing the effects of harsh elements such as UV Rays and Acid Rain.


Paint Surface

Sealant/Polymer Coating

The main component of sealant or polymer coating is wax. It is not reactive. Hence, the gloss, shine, and durability are inferior to glass-based coating.

Paint Surface

Glass-based Coating

The coating layer formed is hardened re-actively. Compared to the polymer coating type, the glass-based coating has higher durability, gloss and shine performance. In addition, the coating is hydrophilic, as its molecular structure is similar to glass.

G'zox Coating

SOFT99 successfully created a glass-based coating with water-repellent properties following a lengthy research and development process.

Paint Surface

From Japan to Malaysia, we bring you G’ZOX, a top car care brand in the industry. With the strong protection efficacy of the car care products series, backed by Soft99’s leading position in the car care industry, we believe that we are able to provide the best car care services from Japan to all car lovers in Malaysia. Our goal is to achieve greatest customer satisfaction with our professional services and product quality assurance.


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