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Car wash may seem like an easy task to do -- just wash the exterior of the car until it looks clean. However, car care professionals do not take the washing process lightly, be it a wash before applying a layer of coating or a routine wash. In every step of car care, we pride ourselves in handling it meticulously and professionally. This is the fundamental of a professional car care service, which in turn shows our dedication and sincerity towards our customers.

Maintenance Cleaner

After using this, the car’s body coating will effectively protect the paintwork from water stains, bird droppings and tree sap.

Products 100% Made in JAPAN

Water-Repellent Maintenance Spray

The maintenance spray is recommended to be applied once every 2 to 3 months to extend the water-repellent effect of the coating.

Maintenance Shampoo

The shampoo is able to remove stubborn dirt that remains from conventional car wash, as well as restore the water-repellent effect of the coating.

New Real Glass Coat Spot Remover

It is able to remove stubborn water spots on the coating, but must be coated with the water-repellent spray after, in order to maintain the water-repellent effect of the coating.

G'zox 23 Step Car Wash Process

Wash the Car
Wash the Wheel Interior
Wash the Rim
Wash the Brake Caliper
Wash the Car Wheel
Clean the Exhaust Hose
Wash the Gap
Fully Cover with Foam
Wash with Wool Brush
Rinse the car
Wipe with Buckskins Cloth
Blow Dry the Car and Gap
Dry the Pedaling Position with Special Towel
Use Special Towel to Wipe the Glass
Remove Dashboard Dust with Special Brush
Interior Car Vacuum
Clean the Seats with Special Towel
Use Special Towel to Wipe the Glass
Wipe the Car Remaining Water with Special Towel
Apply Tire Protection Agent
Wipe the Tire with Special Towel
Whole Car Body Check
Confirm the Completion and Deliver to Customer


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