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Global Leading Manufacturer of Body Films with a History of Over a Quarter Century Continuously Innovates

HEXIS® has been certified with ISO 9001 quality management system since 2005. The company specialises in producing high-performance PVC casting, polyurethane and latex films. These films are widely used in professional digital printing, signage, visual communication, automotive body and textile production. The HEXIS® Group and its subsidiaries are located throughout the world, in countries such as Italy, Spain, Sweden, the French West Indies, and the United States, with a distribution network that covers five continents. Its main production site is located in France. HEXIS® has established a research and development laboratory in France that boasts state-of-the-art technology and latest equipment. One of the group’s key product is its multilayer adhesive film that incorporates structural adhesions to avoid creases and remove excess air bubbles during application.

HEXIS® BodyFence Paint Protection Film FEATURES

HEXIS® BodyFence Clear Film heals scratches with heat from the Sun or hot water.

HEXIS® BodyFence transparent vehicle paint protection film is a highly transparent film that does not affect the original appearance of the vehicle.

HEXIS® BodyFence Clear Car Protective Film has enhanced UV protection, which maintains the car’s pristine paintwork and prevents yellowing or scratches.

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