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G'ZOX Crystal Coating is an outstanding product with 9H hardness and excellent water and oil repellent.  First, the fine-grained PROTECH base is applied, followed by the first layer of “glass primer layer”. After the specified drying time, the water-repellent fluorinated layer is applied. The cross-linked reaction creates the incomparable and superior Hi-MOHS Coat, the prime choice for car lovers.

Product 100% Made in JAPAN

HI-MOHS Coat Molecular Structure



Ordinary Water Repellent Agent

Water Repellent Angle 100°

Water Repellent Angle 15°


Water Repellent Angle 110°

Water Repellent Angle 70°

30 minutes after applying Hi-MOHS Coat

After 3 months, the water repellent effect continues to be exerted

< Wear Resistance Test l > Wash Resistance

A car wash sponge was used to pick up a car wash solution that contains abrasive components, which is then attached to a machine to wash the car’s surface. After repeated washing, the surface coated with a normal protective agent had a greatly reduced contact angle of water droplets. Meanwhile, the Hi-MOHS Coat was relatively unaffected, and it shows that the Hi-MOHS Coat is more durable than the normal protective agent.

Water Repellent Angle

Higher Value Represent Higher Water Repellent Effect

< Wear Resistance Test II > Anti-Flaw Performance

Ordinary Water Repellent Agent


< Anti-fouling Test l > Oil Pen Pollution

Hi-MOHS Coat and an ordinary water-repellent protective agent were applied on the right half of the two test panels respectively, and an oil-based pen is used to write on the test panel. The test shows that the oil-based pen did not leave noticeable stains on the side coated with Hi-MOHS Coat, while the oil-based pen marks were highly visible on the normal protective agent panel.

After that, the writings on both test panels were wiped off with alcohol. It was found that the writings on the test panel coated with Hi-MOHS Coat can be easily removed with alcohol, while the panel layered with the normal protective agent was left with some residue. This is because the Hi-MOHS Coat is extremely oil-repellent and rarely stains with grease. Even if there are any oil stains, it can be easily removed because oil does not adhere on the car paint.


Ordinary Water Repellent Agent

< Anti-fouling Test II > Carbon Contamination

Hi-MOHS Coat Performance Data

The Hi-MOHS Coat and a normal water-repellent protective agent are first applied on the right half of the two test panels. Then, the entire panel is coated with carbon dust. When scrubbed with a wet car wash sponge several times, dust can still be picked up from both test panels. However, the carbon dust stain on the Hi-MOHS Coat is lesser and can be easily removed, compared to the normal protective agent.

Ordinary Water Repellent Agent


Hi-MOHS Coat.png



持久度 24 個月

硬度 9H





防 UV


Hi-MOHS Coat Performance Data

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