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G'ZOX light coating produces a hard and transparent protective film, which can effectively reduce the impact or scratches made by gravel. It also can be easily washed off when dead insects, dust, soot or other substances adhere to it. The SiO2-based protective film will not be affected by the alkaline and acidic detergents used at the car wash and will not be washed away by the rain. This coating lasts up to a year.


Headlight Coating.png


The most common material used for headlights of newer car models is transparent plastic (such as PP, etc.). A new car will have clear and flawless headlights, which complements the car body to achieve an overall glamorous effect. Besides that, clear headlights will allow better penetration of light, resulting in brighter lights.


However, there are disadvantages of using transparent plastics. Gravel impact, improper method of car wash, or presence of smoke fumes, will causes deterioration to the lamp shell due to its soft material. Therefore, it is common to see that the aesthetics of the headlights will be greatly reduced after a few years.


Most car wash centers apply normal wax on the lamp shell when waxing the car. With the harsh effects of UV ray, the wax layer will deteriorate and darken, thus, reducing transparency of the lamp shell. This situation is a common occurrence as wax contains brighteners that will deteriorate under UV ray.

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