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Quartz 7 Coat FEATURES

The Quartz 7 coating contains ポリシラザン or Polysilazane element that does not require any additional polishing process after application. A crystallised layer will form on the car’s surface after application and a self-reactive chemical reaction. This technology is usually used to produce Semiconductor Insulation Film in high-tech electronics factory. Not only can it be used as a car protective layer, but it is also widely used in aircraft, ships, phone, computer, building materials and a protective layer for other paint or plastic material.

Product 100% Made in JAPAN

Quartz 7 Technical Deconstruction

The Quartz 7 coating provides superior waterproof and anti-rust functions, which makes it a suitable choice of coating for cars that are parked outdoors. The occurrence of scratches from washing and wiping will be reduced, due to the hardness of Quartz 7 coating, measuring up to 7H.

Quartz 7 Performance Data

Product Passes the Japanese Rigorous Test JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards)

Quartz 7.png



持久度 18 個月

硬度 7H





防 UV


Quartz 7 Performance Data

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