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Real Glass Coat FEATURES

The Real Glass Coat Coating is the most sought after product. It has a combination of silicon dioxide and an exclusive water-repellent formula. It is abrasion and chemical resistant, has a glossy effect, and is water repellent and durable. Besides that, the protective film formed will not be broken down by heat, thus, protecting the car paint effectively. The hardness of the film is equivalent to a 4H-9H pencil, which can also reduce the formation of scratches. In addition, as the hard protective film forms a thicker layer on the car’s surface, the car paint will not be damaged directly by scratches, due to the protective film. This coating is definitely a must for all new cars.

Product 100% Made in JAPAN

Real Glass Coat Performance Data

Combination of all features required for car paint protection

Water Repellent

Combining the exclusive water-repellent formula developed after many years of research by SOFT99, the most prominent effect of the protective film on the paint surface is its amazing water-repellent attribute.

Heat Resistant

The protective film will not be softened or broken down by heat, which effectively protects the paintwork.


Two key factors that affect the paintwork quality of a car are UV rays and acid rain. Therefore, coatings that can withstand harsh weather elements are known to contain protective agents.


Thick, clear protective film and providing a shiny and lustrous appearance.

Stain Resistant

The hard protective film provides a barrier that prevents impurities from adhering to the paintwork. Hence, the impurities will easily wash off during a car wash and the paint will be free from stains.


The hardness of Real Glass Coat equivalent to the hardness of a 4H pencil, which able to reduce the occurrence of scratches. The hard protective film has a thick varnish-like layer, and will not be easily damaged even if there are scratches.


The Real Glass Coat has excellent durability due to the completely sealed coating on the paint surface.

Chemical Resistance

Coatings made from wax and imitation glaze are unable to withstand chemicals used in car wash. For example, the erosion of steel rings due to the use of asphalt cleaner. Real Glass Coat will not have any chemical reactions with acid and alkali. Therefore, it will not affected by chemicals found in car wash products.


Dirt Can Easily Penetrate into Car’s Paint at High Temperature

Oil-based grime easily adheres to polymer coating film, which is also prone to static electricity that makes it easier for dirt to adhere to the surface of the paintwork. In addition, after being irradiated with UV rays, the softening and breaking down of polymer coating will allow dirt will penetrate into the film and adhered to the paint.

Ordinary Wax Glaze Coat

Film will not Soften 

Dirt will not Penetrate

On the other hand, glass-based coating film will not soften or allow dirt to penetrate. Oil-based grime will not easily adhere to the glass-based coating and stains can be easily washed off with water. In addition, acid rain will no longer cause burns on the paint, and the long-lasting gloss effect can be maintained, greatly reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

G'zox Real Glass Coat

YEN Real Glass Coat

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Real Glass Coat

Real Glass Coat.png



持久度 15 個月

硬度 4H





防 UV


Real Glass Coat Performance Data

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