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Wheel Coating

G'ZOX Professional Wheel Coat FEATURES

G'ZOX wheel coating, with its SiO2-composition patented formula, not only creates a brightening effect, but also has a full range of protective functions such as high hardness, water-repellence, heat resistance (of up to 700°C), as well as rust prevention.

The protective film formed after application of the coating will have a thickness of 1um and hardness of 7H. Therefore, the occurrence of scratches during car wash can be greatly reduced due to the hardness of the protective film. Besides that, the film is resistant to acid and alkali, which effectively protects the car’s paintwork from chemicals found in car wash detergents. The coating has a lifespan of up to a year.

The rims of a car can easily be marred by tar, dust, and other impurities due to its close proximity to the ground. The forceful effect of the brake system will also generate a lot of iron powder. The hot iron powder formed every time car brakes are applied, will penetrate into the varnish layer of the paint and firmly attach to the rim.

In order to be cost and time-efficient, the conventional car wash uses high concentrations of strong acidic and alkaline chemicals to clean the rims. These chemicals that remain on the rim will slowly corrode the varnish layer, at times leaving faint marks or cause the vanish layer to peel.




Tire Coating


G'ZOX tire coating consists silicon compounds, which yield a brightening effect and a glossy layer is formed after the coating dries, making the tires look brand new. The formula also contains rubber molecules bind tightly to the sidewalls and can last up to three months.

Tyres are made of natural rubber. When rubber exposed to UV rays, it deteriorates and ages rapidly. The heat dissipation effect of the tyre will wear out as dirt adheres to the sidewalls. This also impairs the appearance of the vehicle.

Car wash centers use spray wax or eucalyptus oil to restore the luster of the tires’ sidewall. However, wax or oil yield a greasy effect and has a short lifespan. This is because there is poor adhesion. As a result, stubborn yellowish spots will form when oil adheres to the paint surface when the tires rotate.



G'ZOX Brake Carliper Coat 特性

Brake Carlipe Coating

G'ZOX Brake Carliper Coat FEATURES

G'ZOX brake carliper coating contains a patented formula with SiO2 composition. After the coating cures, the protective film is 1um thick and has a hardness of 7H. It has wide range of protective characteristics such as high hardness, water-repellence, heat resistance (of up to 700°C), as well as rust prevention. Iron deposits are unable to directly adhere to the brake carlipers, thus, making it easy to clean and effectively reduces the discoloration of brake carlipers due to high temperatures.

G'ZOX Brake Carliper Coat FEATURES

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